how we work

Our Specialist Divisions


Data, Developement, Security

With your designs, we can ensure, in the background, its built to code perfection. Using the latest technologies, we provide clean, robust and secure solutions.


Mixed Reality,AI, WEB CGI, Animation

In a world of increasing attention deficit, standing out and staying in the minds of your customer is harder than ever. Web animation has evolved, we keep up with the latest technologies so the only limit is your design and imagination.


SEO, Direct Response, Multi-Variant Content, Social Media

Content to technical SEO, our analytic tools and SEO experience will see your designs beat your competitors.


QA and execute

From idea through to execution, Marble is a QA testing platform that streamlines the testing process of ensuring device optimization regardless of platform, browser or device.

how we work

Our Specialist Divisions

We blend our development skills and unique industry knowledge to consistently help
design agencies focus on what they know best.

Rize ETF

Investing in the future, from medical
cannabis to cyber security.


Mass Spectrometry that is changing
the frontiers of science.


INTERPRT is a research agency that pursues environmental justice through visual and spatial investigations.

The Out

Tackling knife crime with
immersive Technology.


Why Choose Code Chorus

We challenge today, to impact tomorrow.

Through your inspired design experiences, we can enhance powerful performance strategies, secure platforms and fast asset production,
blending specialisms that deliver limitless impact.

what they say

“We're thrilled with the work Code Chorus has done creating a website we are truly proud of. We have benefitted hugely from Code Chorus strategic and technical knowledge and advice. In INTERPRT's multiple projects, Code Chorus has created a superb and highly intuitive CMS system, meaning the back end works as well as the front looks. ”

Nabil Ahmed


“The whole process working with Code Chorus has been such a good experience, from initial briefing, through to the design and also training for us to be able to work the CMS. We are absolutely delighted with our new website. It looks modern and easy to use whilst still retaining our brand identity. Huge thanks to the Code Chorus team along with Code Chorus who held our hand through the whole process.”

Rahul Bhushan

Co-Founder Rize ETF

“Working with Code Chorus was better than expected and we had really high expectations. They are an incredibly talented development team but what really makes makes them stand out is their work ethic and steady approach. Time after time, and without us asking, they added enhancements and improvements that resulted in a better end product for us and our clients at such tight deadlines.”

Amelia Davies

Managing Director Murano Connect

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